Best Gifts for Tango Dancers

Getting the perfect gift takes a lot of thought, however if you know the person loves Argentine Tango, I have compiled a list of present inspiration for a variety of occasions. This could be for Christmas, Anniversary, their birthday, or just for being an awesome colleague, friend or dance partner.

Shoe Bag

It’s always a good idea for any dancer to wear their dance shoes strictly on the dance floor. Tango dancers can avoid getting dirt, creating unnecessary wear. With a fashionable shoe bag, he or she can protect their shoes so they last longer.

Keep Calm and Tango On Shoe Bag

Tango Shoes

Have you noticed that your special lady or gentlemen has been online shopping for Tango shoes? You can simply buy them a pair that you know they have been eyeing if you know their size. If you aren’t sure, you can always buy a gift card for a specific brand they like and he/she can pick their beautiful new pair of Tango shoes!

Bandoneon Argentine Tango Shoes Men Tokyo Red Argentine Tango Shoes Women

Tango Mug

For coffee/ tea lovers, a nice mug is a staple item. There are artistic, funny and memorable Tango-themed mugs

Koala Tea Tango MugI Love Tango Mug

What I find really fascinating are magic mugs that change color based on temperature. When the mug gets hot, the pattern is revealed. When the mug gets cold, it is simply a black mug. How cool is that?!



Loving these cool magic mugs that change color and reveals designs based on temperature 😍☕##argentinetango ##magicmug ##magicmugs ##fyp ##fyourpage

♬ Chug A Lug - Roger Miller


Tango Poster or Painting

Does your tanguero friend love to decorate!? A beautiful Tango poster or painting would be a highly memorable addition to their home. Whenever they walk into the room, they can admire the beautiful piece of art you gave them.


Tango paintingTango poster


Music Streaming Service

Does your person love listening to Tango music? Purchasing a Spotify subscription or a gift card for Google play music is a great gift for any music lover.

Argentine Tango Workshop, Class or Membership

Do you know who their favorite Tango dancer is? An idea is to reach out to them to arrange private lessons or buy a series of group online classes, which is common with the current co-vid situation.

Some Tango schools offer a membership program where they can attend an unlimited amount of classes for 1 month or 3 months, like this school in Buenos Aires called Escuela Mundial de Tango. Their robust schedule is quite extensive and the tanguero can go when it’s convenient for them. Here is a sample schedule. As you can see, they offer classes from 9 am to 6:30 pm Buenos Aires time. 

Escuel Mundial De Tango

Getting the perfect gift is possible for an Argentine Tango dancer. I have hope this provides inspiration for memorable Tango gifts.