New Years Resolutions for Tango Dancers

2020 has been a crazy year, however 2021 can be full of new opportunities and growth, if you want it to be. With many tangueros not necessarily able to practice with a physical partner due to co-vid, these are suggestions of Tango-related goals that can be worked on by yourself. All you need is you, yourself, and some initiative! 

Improve Posture

Having great posture is not only great for dancers, but also great for increasing energy and achieving a more dynamic presence in every day life. There are a few ways to achieve a better posture.

Exercises for improving posture don’t have to involve heavy weights. In fact, these exercises by these physiotherapists are not too strenuous and strengthen in the back in all the right places. 

Trying to keep your neck from collapsing forward, especially when texting or typing on the computer. Some people find certain chairs with a ball or rocking chair effective, or even a standing desk!

The Alexander Technique is a proven method of mind and body that helps reduce stress and muscle tension. There are books and classes with clear instructions for each exercise, and dozens of helpful photographs in books that show correct and incorrect positions to use for the exercises and throughout the day. Books incorporating dance and Alexander Technique include What Every Dancer Needs to Know about the Alexander Technique.

Improve Adornments & Movements

Adornments are little decorations that we can add to our dancing. There are a lot of great tutorials online for ladies styling, like the one below. 

Do you have a treadmill at home? Tangueros can practice your walk, boleos, kicks, and even the helicopter! This is great for Tango show moves. 

For men, I find lots of leaders want to improve movements like enrosques, giros, and lapizes. What do you want to work on as a leader. I find you can practice with a mop, two sticks to do the follower steps, swively chair, or on your own with a cleared out living room. 

Learn Spanish

Tango moves are said in Spanish, however once you learn what the move means, the movement itself has more meaning. For example, ocho means 8 in Spanish. When you do the movement, you create an eight shape with your feet. 

A great book is Tango Words by Manuel Garber, which explains the meaning of renown Tango songs. So when you dance to a song you have an understanding about how there wife left them or they are taking a walk to a chapel. All knowledge that can effect the dance.

There are a lot of great resources online to learn and take Spanish classes. Also, tutors will be happy to teach you on zoom. 

Learn more about Tango music, history, social etiquette and more!

Learning about different aspects on Tango can learned via books, blogs, and online tutorials. My favorite blog regarding history and social knowledge is So Tango. One of my favorite tango books is 12 Minutes of Love: A Tango Story which share some of the social nuances and feelings. 

Online tutorials regarding musicality and breath are quite informative by Murat Erdemsel. Sky is the limit when learning about all of the different aspects related to Tango. 

Tango-Related Resolutions

So what's your goal(s)? Have I inspired you to add a Tango-related resolution? Whether it's improving you posture, movement, language,  and knowledge there is so much to learn and improve your life! I hope you found these suggestions of Tango-related goals useful. Happy 2021!