How to Stay Connected & Support the Tango Community During Quarantine

How to Stay Connected & Support the Tango Community During Quarantine

Dance Embrace- How to Stay Connected to the Tango Community

If Argentine Tango is a big part of your lifestyle, it’s important to stay connected to the tango community virtually during this quarantine time. The tango community has changed drastically due to Co-Vid 19. Taking private lessons via Zoom is now the norm. Milongas and practicas have been canceled until further notice. Some organizers have canceled their Tango Events for a whole year!  Here are some tips on how to stay connected and support the tango community during this strange time.

Contact your Tango Family

Be sure to reach out to your tango family (friends, partner, and acquaintances). For now, you are not seeing them. However, it’s a good idea to connect virtually by sending them YouTube Videos or just contacting them to see what they are up to. You can call, text, email, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or connect via social media. Regarding social media, simply liking their posts and commenting is a nice reminder that we are not alone in all of this. They are probably having Tango withdrawals just like you!

Javier Rodriquez Tango Workshop in Sydney, Australia

It’s been really nice to be able to connect with people I used to dance with when I was living in California and Australia. Different states and countries are all going through the same lockdown situation as we are in Ohio. 

Contact your Dance Teacher

If your teacher is posting online content, be sure to thank them for taking the time to produce these videos. It takes a lot of time and effort to create, edit, and post content that the students may find useful. Also, like, comment, and subscribe to their content! It lets the teacher know you actually viewed the content and found value in it. 

Argentine Tango leg wrap pose

If you have the space, money, and enthusiasm, take a video lesson with them. This could be a private lesson or if they offer group lessons, you can still practice with them in your living room!  This keeps your Tango journey on track!

If you prefer to learn in person, you can always pay them for lessons that you will be taking in the next few months so they have some cash coming in during this difficult time. For some dance teachers, Tango is their main source of income. 

Virtual Milongas

There are now virtual milongas aka Zoom Tango dance parties, where people all over the globe are joining! Tangueros are dancing with their partner at home. Also, many people are coming to the virtual milonga alone, hugging their stuffed animal or pillow while dancing. 

Milonga/ Practica at Sydney Tango House

Los Angeles based Argentine Tango instructor Yelizaveta Nersesova organized the first zoom tango affair in early April, bringing 400 people internationally. In mid-April, the 4½-hour event attracted more than 600 people from 11 countries! 

Virtual Tango Performances

Support Tango Performers by watching live performances in their home. This Saturday May 9th, 2020 there will a live Tango Show of 3 famous Tango couples dancing on Zoom. The couples are Luis Ramirez and Analia Carreno, Carlos and Maureen Urrego, as well as Andres Bravo and Sarita Apel.

These fabulous performers are offering this show on a donation basis. The performance will be followed by a Q&A! To join the live stream, email to receive the zoom link. Here is a performance of National Champions Carlos and Maureen Urrego performing in Columbus, Ohio.

Carlos and Maureen Urrego performing in Columbus, Ohio

Buy Tango Merchandise

Another way to support the Tango community is to buy Tango merchandise that you have always wanted to purchase. This could be shoes, pants, tops, dresses, etc.! If you have the income, it’s okay to indulge in some retail therapy on other things besides groceries and cleaning supplies. Your expenditure on entertainment has most likely decreased due to not being allowed to go out, so this could be a time to buy items that you have been eyeing. If you would like items custom made, this is a great time to have them created due to companies having more time to implement the adjustments. You can also feel good that you are supporting small businesses. 

Please note, be patient when it comes to waiting time for goods due to work regulations and slower shipping times. Some Tango shoe companies are offering FREE shipping during this time and offering special deals. I saw Debailar is combining a matching mask with their colorful and vibrant Tango shoes! How fun.

Stay Safe, Connected, & Support the Tango Community

Many of us tangueros are missing the dance and embrace. Remember, this quarantine is temporary and we will be dancing together sometime in the future. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy at home. Stay connected and support the Tango community. Even though we are at a distance, we can remain close in other ways.