How to Clean a Dance Studio the Eco-Friendly Way

Sometimes after teaching an evening class, I end my night by cleaning the dance studio. This is a great way to keep the studio spotless and welcoming for students the next day. The video below showcases my go-to routine for keeping the dance studio sparkling clean and beautiful. I go in-depth on how to clean the floors, fans, and mirrors.

Mopping the Floor

The Quick-Loop Mop is my all-time favorite multi-surface cleaner.

I love this mop because of its usability,  it’s very eco-friendly, and I can clean a variety of surfaces quickly. For wooden floors, I like to use either a terry cloth or an old clean t-shirt. Here is a video on how to put a cloth on a Quick-Loop mop. 



I find it easier to wet the cloth first and then use Method Squirt + Mop as a cleaner.

Squirt + Mop Almond Cleaner. Great for wooden floorsIn the video, I used spearmint sage made for floors. It has a super fresh scent,  however, I recommend you check out the almond scent because it is specifically made for wood surfaces. Maintaining a beautiful wooden floor involves using non-toxic chemicals. Squirt + Mop is biodegradable, no-wax floor cleaner that is specifically formulated to keep your hardwood and laminate floors clean. The almond-scent is fresh, nutty, and not overpowering.
To clean the floor seamlessly, I like to continually squirt on the area to be cleaned and then mop the surface. No messy mop bucket needed. The floor dries fast so issues of slipping are minimal.  Cleaning this way is incredibly fast, efficient, and less hassle than the traditional mop and bucket technique.

Cleaning the Fans

Amie cleaning the fans at Dance Edge with a Quick-Loop

Cleaning fans or anything hard to reach is possible with the Quick-Loop. I like to use microfiber cloth to clean the fans because it attracts dust. In the video, you can see how easy and effective it is to clean hard to reach places with the Quick-Loop Mop.

After I’m done cleaning I can put the cloth in the washing machine or if it’s an old rag I dispose of it.


Spotless Mirrors

Keeping those mirrors streak-free is important so students can see the amazing dance moves you taught them! I like to fill an empty spray bottle with 50% distilled water + 50% White Vinegar. After shaking it up, I spray the mirror. You can use a cloth, a rag, or an old clean sock (my personal favorite) and clean in a circular motion. 

Cleaning the Mirror

Keeping the Dance Studio Sparkling Clean

How to Clean a Dance Studio with a Quick-Loop mop

Keeping your studio spotless can be a lot of work, however, if you have the right tools it can be much more efficient. The Quick-Loop Mop is great for multi-surfaces is only $16 and lasts a lifetime. Microfiber and terry cloths are classic cleaning staples. Old t-shirts, rags, and socks (clean of course) are great to have around. For the cleaner, the Method Squirt + Mop is perfect for cleaning floors. Clean floors make you want to dance more, so let’s get cleaning!