Quick-Loop Mop
Quick-Loop Mop
How to Put a Cloth on Quick-Loop Mop
Quick-Loop Mop Cleaning Fans
How to put a Cloth on a Quick-Loop mop
How to Clean a Dance Studio with Quick-Loop Mop

Eco-Friendly Quick-Loop Mop for Dancing and Cleaning! Mop Head Only

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The Eco-Friendly Quick-Loop Mop is perfect for mopping, dusting, and dancing! The Quick-Loop was inspired by the Cuban mop, with a twist. What the inventor liked about the Cuban mop was that it was made of sustainable wood and that it had no disposable plastics wipers used. However, with the cuban mop, many people cut a hole in the fabric and load the fabric by running it down the handle. This is when inspiration struck to add a 3D CNC coiled steel coil to hold the fabric for a quick change.

With the Quick-Loop, the user can add and remove a cloth or rag quite easily. The coil also helps hold the cloth securely in place so you can put pressure on hard to reach places without getting on your hands and knees. I am passionate about reducing single-use plastics, as well as making cleaning efficient and easy! My focus has not just been on making the Quick-Loop the most economical and eco-friendly way to clean, but also the very best way to clean. With some practice, most people find it faster and that it cleans deeper than any other cleaning tool.

Product Details

    • Handle not included - Fits any standard threaded broom handle or extension pole
    • Use your own towels to wet scrub floors or microfiber to dust overhead.
    • Made from durable oak and steel. No moving parts.
    • As good as getting down on your hands and knees to clean.
    • Oak arm with steel pinch loops holds a cleaning cloth. Works without disposables, mystery chemicals, or plastics


1 x 10 x 8 inches
Weight: 0.6lbs.

Easy to assemble

The Quick-Loop is a fabric holding mop made of durable oak hardwood and 3D formed powdercoated spring steel.

New technology brings back old world cleaning methods.

3D formed wire fits a standard mop handle thread. Just screw the handle in.

Use your own handle. Compatible with most any US threaded mop or broom handle or painters extension pole.

Loads in 1 second with your choice of fabric

Loads in 1 second.

Pull the towel into the pinch between the two loops. Works wet or dry.

Microfiber, terry cloth bar towels, or heavy tshirt rags work best.

Wet mopping or dry dusting

The patented cantilever arm shape cleans in places other mops can't like under furniture or on top of a ceiling fan blade.

Nothing works better on hardwood or ceramic floors. Push down and apply the right pressure needed to get the surface clean.

Microfiber is great for dry dusting. Terry cloth towels are excellent for wet scrubbing.

No single use disposables or mystery chemicals. Works with your favorite cleaner.

You choose the fabric and the cleaner. Toss it in the wash when you're done to reuse your cloth again.

Traditional sponge mops or rag mops hold in dirt and mold.

Swift style flat head mops can't scrub. The flat surface spreads the pressure. For any surface that is actually dirty, you'll end up frustrated, down on your hands and knees with a rag anyway.

The Quick-Loop is a powerful scrubbing tool or duster. It's easy to push on the spring to get the right pressure to the surface to get the job done.

No plastics, disposables, or harmful chemicals.

Saves time and money.

It's a different way to think about cleaning. A better way. Try it and you'll be convinced.

Youtube Instructions on How to Use the Quick-Loop & How it Works