Joe's Tango Podcast with guest Amie Cressie

When it comes time to making life decisions or dancing Tango, do you feel unsure of your next steps? Guest Amie Cressie can relate. On Joe's Tango podcast, she talks about her tango journey, dancing during co-vid, and her Tango E-commerce store, Strictly Tango Apparel.

Joe's Tango Podcast with guest Amie Cressie

Amie Cressie Tango

Amie has a background in jazz, hip-hop, and ballroom dance. She has always loved to dance; however, she was looking for something more. After taking a seven-week trip to South America, she fell in love with Tango in Argentina. From there, she decided this was a challenge that she wanted pursue. When life situations changed with work, school, and different living situations, she still kept learning Tango.

Today, she teaches Argentine Tango in Columbus, Ohio. Amie also runs an online tango shop, where you can find all sorts of fun tango-themed t-shirts, sweaters, mugs, hats, posters, and more.

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