How to Improve your Tango at Home

How to Improve your Tango at Home

Sometimes in life, we need to take a break from dancing Tango due to illness, injury, or because the government recommends avoiding social gatherings! For someone who doesn’t feel like themselves without dancing and enjoys social interaction, I understand you may have some anxiety about not dancing. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to improve your Tango at home. Clear out your living room, take advantage of smooth surfaces, and practice Argentine Tango movements in your own home. 

Argentine Tango Movements to Practice by Yourself

  1. Tango Box
  2. Enrosques
  3. Lapiz 
  4. Ochos 
  5. Boleos
  6. Embellishments 
  7. Crusada

You can also use the wall to leverage yourself when practicing, like in the video below.

Tango Meet has videos where you can practice solo. I love Tango Meet because all of the Tango teachers are fantastic professional tango performers and maestros with lots of knowledge to share. Solo videos that focus on leader and follower technique are highly recommended. Carolina Bonaventura and Antonella Terrazas are two Tangueras I highly respect, agree with their Tango philosophies, as well as teaching methods.

Learn with Carolina Bonaventura
Learn with Antonella Terrazas

Other activities to Improve your Tango

  1. Yoga: I am a huge fan of Yoga with Adriene and have been doing her videos at home for a few years now. One of my favorite videos is Yoga for Dancers. 
  2. Watch Tango Videos by your favorite Tangueros: I recommend creating a Tango Playlist of your favorite performances so you can try the moves later. Here is my Youtube playlist for inspiration.
  3. Make a Tango Playlist: Go through your tango playlist and organize it! This could be based on by category: milonga, waltz, nuevo, and traditional. This could be by the artist. Also, don’t be shy to add non-traditional tango music to your playlist. Rap, jazz, and pop can be incorporated in the mix too!

Going on Tango hiatus can be tough,  however, I think this can be an opportunity to work on yourself and make your Argentine Tango even better! So when you dance with your partner again in a few weeks, you have more to offer your partner. This could be a better walk, technique, more strength, flexibility or a new embellishments to spice up your dancing!