How to Choose the Perfect Tango Partner for You

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Getting better at any partner dance, whether it’s Argentine Tango, ballroom dance, or salsa is much more enjoyable when you have a consistent partner to practice with. Here are some guidelines for picking the perfect Tango partner for you!

Willingness to Learn

Tango is a never ending learning game. You have to gain and retain knowledge to really enjoy the dance.

Similar Height

This makes it easier to find the other person’s center, axis, leverage volcadas (leaning in), and colgadas (leaning out).

Similar Goals

It important to know what your partner desires to achieve. Does the other person wants to reach a certain level, perform, apply their learning to a social events like milongas/ practicas, exercise, make friends, improve posture, and/ or learn something new? It’s good to figure out their motivation early on so you understand why they are learning to dance and what areas your partner will enjoy working on more than others.

Dance Chemistry

Some people are fantastic dancers to watch maybe due to their beautiful lines and theatrical nature. However, when you dance with them it just doesn't work. This could be due to dance chemistry and how the other person responds to your movements. Men are much more visual so looks can play a part, however women respond more to how the partner makes them feel. Feelings could vary from comfortable, she feels like she is doing all the right steps, and is having fun. 

Ability Level

Are they a good tango dancer? Is this someone who can challenge and inspire you to get better? If they are not the greatest, do they have the potential to be? Are they proactive with their learning? The ability or potential is an important factor that needs to be considered.

Music Taste

Your body is an instrument in Tango. Liking the same style of music or artists is great, whether it’s nuevo, traditional, or the latest Katy Perry song. It’s important to keep in mind some dancers dislike obvious rhythmic music like Canaro and Donato, while others love interpreting songs with no clear rhythm like Pugliese and Bajofondo.

How You Learn

People who take longer to learn may retain information in the long term versus people who mimic the movement quickly may not remember it the following week. There are so many different ways people learn, whether it’s through copying the movement, kinaesthetically, explaining the body mechanics, or a mixture of these elements. Having somebody that learns similarly or complements your weaknesses can be a fantastic learning dynamic.

Learning Material

Brings additional dance material that was not learned in class. This could be informative blogs or videos they found online. is a great resource of expert Maestros around the world.

Practices by Themselves

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Things that can be worked on like embellishments, enrosques, and ochos can be practiced with a small wooden surface at home, at the studio before class, or at the gym. Your balance and coordination is your own responsibility. Making sure you can perform the movement without taking the other person off axis is greatly appreciated!


They can dance the same time duration. I had a dance partner for 2 years who could dance 8 hours and be completely energized, however my limit was 4 hours. So Sundays he would dance with me for 4 hours, which I made clear was my threshold and then he would go to practica for an additional 4 hours. It’s okay to be upfront, compromise, and set your limitations so you can plan your desired practice time accordingly.

Body Fundamentals

Strong core and posture is something to be worked on constantly. In Argentine Tango, you are both leveraging yourself off the other person and having a strong center makes dancing much more effortless. Also, imagining a string being pulled upwards can help maintain your axis at all times, involving lots of self awareness.

Common Courtesy for your Partner

Show up on Time

They are taking time out of their day to practice with you. Make it worth both of your while.

Good hygiene

Brush your teeth, shower, and avoid strong perfumes/ colognes. If you smoke, avoid smoking in your home so it doesn’t sink into your clothes.

Be Respectful, Patient, and Positive

Just because someone does not get the move the first time does not mean they are not “tango worthy.” They are processing lots of new information and for some dancers it takes longer to break down the step.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has their own preferences on who they choose as a dance partner. We are all human and maybe there are things that your partner needs to work on are forgiving, like showing up 15 minutes late or they don’t have the greatest posture, however you know they are actively working on it.

You need to weigh the pros and cons to see if this person is worth investing your time in. Dancing is something to be enjoyed. If it starts to feel like a chore to dance with somebody, it may be time to move on. Maybe you are not the right fit for each other. You can always say hi at Milongas and in class. Just because you have practiced with them before does not mean you have an obligation to dance with them forever.

The perfect Tango partner is out there for you! Put yourself out there by going to milongas, practicas, and classes. I am sure they are looking to dance with a great partner like you.