Eleonora Kalganova is my Tanguera Inspiration. Who is yours?

Eleonora Kalganova and Michael Nadtochi sentada

Eleonora Kalganova is one my favorite tangueras because she is not only a great tango dancer and choreographer, but her adornments are one of a kind. Furthermore, she has an elegant and flashy of sense of fashion.

I find very few females are able to incorporate close embrace and open embrace like Eleonora. In fact, many tango dancers choose to focus on one embrace and style (milonguero, salon, nuevo, etc.) This is because the body composition is so different for each. However, she has learned how to incorporate all of these different tango philosophies and has showcased this authentically. She has created a strong fan base who appreciates her authenticity. 18,700 followers on Instagram and hundreds of highly viewed videos on youtube.

She came from a ballet and ballroom dance background, and has transitioned to become an Argentine Tango dancer. I’ve heard many Argentine tango dancers state that ballroom dancers cannot become great tango dancers, which is clearly not the case. Becoming a great tango dancer doesn’t have to develop with someone who has strictly learned tango. 

Eleonora Kalganova and Michael Nadtochi Partnership 

The partnership she had with Michael Nadtochi is engaging to watch because of their musicality, creativity, and chemistry they have created together. They performed together for a number of years, however they unfortunately have moved on to different dance partners. 

Eleonora Kalganova and Michael Nadtochi dancing to El Choclo by Héctor Varela y su Orquesta Típica

The dynamic performances she has with Sebastian Arce are stunning to watch. Sebastian’s dance partner is usually Mariana Montes, however Eleonora and Sebastian have collaborated in Russsia. Some are choreographed, while others are improvised.

Eleonora Kalganova and Sebastian Arce at Moscow Tango Festival
Organito de la tarde at Ithaca Tango festival

Eleonora Kalganova also posts videos on Youtube and Instagram to show that females can practice Tango by themselves and have fun! She has gorgeous embellishments that add spice to the dance.

It’s important to realize what you can offer to your partner by practicing by yourself first, whether it’s a roulo or an ocho. It’s always good to practice by yourself at least once a week and then see if you can incorporate the movements when dancing with your Tango partner.

My recommendation is if you have a few favorite dancers you admire, watch their material and see if you can mimic it. If you can’t figure out the movement, you can always ask your instructor to break down the step for you. To improve your Tango it’s important to have someone you admire and see as a role model to inspire and shape who you are as a dancer. In addition to that, it’s important to add your own elements to make the dance your own.