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How to Market your Dance Studio on Social Media

Paid social advertising, especially on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, can be an effective way to market your dance studio. Benefits include

  • More students attending classes and events
  • Increasing traffic to your website, which boosts your Google ranking
  • Building an email list 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Feasible to manage
  • Here are some social media campaigns I created for Sydney Tango House bring in new students and establish brand awareness

Choose your Dance Studio’s Target Market

The demographic for this dance studio was 18-40 years old, so we targeted university students that were in a 5 mile radius of the studio. Also, young professionals with interests in dance, music, and art were the most successful paid social campaigns.

Sydney Tango House also has integrated the video on their website. It’s a great way to show the space, the teachers, the various level of dancers, and the fun atmosphere.

Create Your Paid Social Campaign

  • Gather videos and photos from class using a Go Pro or SLR. Great lighting, angles, and engaging footage are key to grabbing the viewers eye
  • Edit your footage on Final Cut Pro, Adobe, or iMovie
  • Choose dance music that is patent free. Facebook and Instagram will mute the music if you do not have permission to use it. Fortunately, the owner of Sydney Tango House, Emily-Rose Sarkova is a also a talented musician. The song used is by her tango orchestra Tángalo.
  • Export, compress, and save two versions of the video
  • Upload the advertisement to Facebook Ads and select your target demographic. Who do you want to walk through your dance studio?
  • A/B Testing: Experiment with two different advertisements and see which one has higher click and conversion rates
  • After figuring the highest performing ad, allocate a higher budget towards that campaign
  • Set a time limit on how long you want the ad to run and see more students walking into the studio

Creating a Paid social campaign takes time, effort, creativity, and a lot of cooperating parties. If this is not something as a studio owner is comfortable executing, you can always hire a digital marketing agency to create and manage the Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Advertising for Guest Dance Teachers

Inviting renown dancers is a great way to promote your studio. It takes time, coordination, advertising, promotion, money, and a great attitude to do it, but it can be a very rewarding experience.

Sydney Tango House invited famous tango maestros, Murat Erdemsel and Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh. They are not only exceptional dancers, but exceptional teachers. Here is a paid social campaign we did to promote these tango dancers to come to Sydney.

Effectiveness of Paid Social Campaigns 

From our experience, most effective time to execute paid social campaigns and bring in new students was right after New Years. People want to try something new and why not try Argentine Tango? It’s  beautiful challenging dance that is danced all over the world.